Hey All! Here are some project ideas ive been thinking of:

Mycellic Visualizations
How can mushrooms and the ecological systems that mycellic species are in constant interplay with, aid in visualizing the possibilities for interconnected urban spaces. Interconnected in terms of energy exchanges, (latent) communicae and the balance of resource affordances (ie. Water and nutrient cycles).

Mycellic Field Journals
An event to invite illustrators, artists, citizens, educators etc to participate in a combination foray and live sketching event. The illustrations and sketches produced will be compiled into a journal with overlays of NYC maps and street grids – producing a conceptual visualization of the potential for mushrooms to be an inspiration for an inter-relational community of communities.

Mushrooms as Biological Indicators
An interactive online map in which mushroom/ecology enthusiasts can insert mushroom findings around NYC with thoughts on the condition and health of the mushrooms found. This data can be loosely extrapolated to produce generalizations on the health of the city, mushroom ecology as biological indicator of human health with an urban context.

Mushroom as an Aesthetic of Engagement
How can the world of mushrooms provide an interface for public engagement about sustainability and the return to a more simple and slow life of contemplation, acute observation and living in the present. Here I propose a modular and mobile mycellic kiosk to present specimens, diagrams and portable mushroom incubation chambers to bring to schools, public parks and communal spaces. The idea is to use this kiosk to produce an aesthetic of engagement – a platform for learning and participation using local ecology as lens in which to proceed.

Situated Learning via Forays and Foraging
It would be very interesting to study the perceptual intake of a foraging event with different communities and groups of participants at different age and developmental levels. Can a foray or foraging event provide for a situated community a unique way of experiencing the world and therein secure a path toward situated learning opportunities and learning curriculums embedded within mycellic enchantment and applied aesthetics.

Realizable Tactility and Opportunities for Stillness and Simplicity
To provide for citizens the opportunity for sensual access to the world of mushrooms, fungi and ecology in general perhaps we can construct some kind of touch or sensory tank in which participants touch, smell and taste mushroom specimens through isolation of some sensory organs to elevate discrete experiences in others.

Youth/Community Event
A massive art project to engage students including sculpture, collage and movement. Mushrooms will be used as a way to connect students to issues of local ecology, their bodies and relationships to each other. A series of movement workshops, mixed with hands-on art projects to build mushroom shapes culminate a parade or dance in which their art creations will be attached to long poles to thrust into the sky. Mushrooms as balloons – connecting the three layers of our project.

Mushroom Clothing
Mushroom incubation chambers embedded and sewn into clothing that can serve multiple purposes and house multiple bodies.

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