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Mushroom Walk On Mildred's Lane June 16


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Post-Brunch Mushroom Siting

This mushroom was found on a stump at Guilford and 32nd in Baltimore. Purple-lish pink stem, fork-like  creamy colored gills. Fuzzy funnel shaped… Continue

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Gary Lincoff dot com

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(inter)national Radical Mycology Convergence

The Olympia Mycelial Network is happy to announce plans for the first (inter)national Radical Mycology Convergence. A fungi-human relations congress of sorts, this convergence will be a unique opportunity for humans to build stronger connections with our fungal allies. We hope to create space for inspiring discussions on the future of radical mycological efforts and their implications. Proposed workshops include Do-It-Yourself mushroom cultivation, mushroom identification, and…


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Reading Anna Tsing on Mushrooms and the Economy of Appearances

Reading UC Santa Cruz professor Anna Tsing's essay on the Economy of Appearances in Arjun Apparadurai's Globalization reader, I discovered her other work in mushrooms, for which she recently received a Guggenheim grant.…


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Mushrooms at Mildred's Lane Today

Are these edible? They poke out between the leaved forest floor.

This picture doesn't give them justice, they are as bright as can be. They have spongy red orange pores. Juicy. I bit the edge of one- Not bitter at all. Would you cook with it?

And these..…


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Waiting Turned Hunting In An Abandoned Cemetery In Beacon,NY

This morning, Beacon NY, Waiting for a ride to get to Hudson NY...Across the street from the train station. Off the paved sidewalk was a wooded space, an unkept cemetery, (mining): I found what I think are puffballs?
A Calvatia Gigantea? But maybe one on them (#6) is a Bovista nigrescens?

Not sure- #6 is firmer then the others, but still softish, white and fluffy inside. They…

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Spanish Mushrooms

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Another person hunts in Chinatown

In Toronto, this artist is hunting for mushrooms in shops with mycologists as well...

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Only Chicken - The One from the Woods

Going Backwards. From June, before the mini-drought at Mildred's Lane, We found the tasty, orangey and yellow chicken on several different logs/stumps. Here is one Monique found at Mike Spittels. Here is about to be chopped up for ravioli filling:

Here are two the kitchen team found for dinner:…


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Kelly Bird's Watercolors of Mushrooms

I am in PA, At Mildred's Lane. We are less than halfway through the Town and Country Session, which is part dedicated to Transcendentalist research, and of course mushrooms cannot be excluded from conversation. One of our recent guests, Charlie Fox just sent me this note, and images of these watercolors painted by Kelly Bird:


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2 Chicken of the Woods in 3 days!

While I was away from the cemetery hunt, I went on my own mushroom hunt with Colin.... on foot and while biking.

On Sunday (biking from Salem to Lyme CT) and Tuesday (biking from Salem to Hartford CT today) we found Chicken of the Woods and a lot of Oysters and had a feast! We also went walking and found a beautiful hairy ruber cup, some crown tipped coral, white cheese, red russula, red-purplish russula, and a bunch of platterful… Continue

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MycoMap Mushroom Hunt! June 13th in Queens

Sunday June 13th | 1-3pm | New Calvary Cemetery (Meet at 52nd St. Station 7 Train Subway Station in Queens)…


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Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms from Grain Spawn

Rafter Sass showed us how easy it is to cultivate your own mushrooms!

Take Wood Chips/Straw/Natural Substrate (1 bale straw) soaked in water overnight (or mason's lime) and let it drain until it's spongey wet like good compost, then mix the substrate with grain spawn (1lb) and pack it into cardboard boxes that are

taped shut and kept in a space 65-75 degrees. In 2 weeks, punch holes.

In 2 more weeks (or less?) you'll get… Continue

Added by Caroline Woolard on May 29, 2010 at 2:08pm — 1 Comment

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