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John Cage Indeterminacy #139

One summer day, Merce Cunningham and I took eight

children to Bear Mountain Park. The paths through

the zoo were crowded. Some of the children ran

ahead, while others fell behind. Every now and then

we stopped, gathered all the children together, and

counted them to make sure none had been lost. Since

it was very hot and the children were getting

difficult, we decided to buy them ice cream cones.

This was done in shifts. While I stayed with… Continue

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All the links about mushrooms

Go here to see links related to mushrooms...

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Mushrooms from Idaho

Hey All!

Went foraging for mushrooms with Forest Service friends around Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho! Twas magical. We found morels and other mushrooms. Oh the morels were amazing. We grilled them with garlic and butter. So meaty!

Couldn't figure out what this one was:…


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Notes from May 27th: discovery! coming soon

"So little work has been done on mushrooms, compared to plants or animals. Anytime you find a mushroom, you're just as likely to find something new, as not."

I went to art school, so I am "trained" in conceptual art but I immerse myself in different creative practices each year. I am filled with life when I see experts, hobbyists and enthusiasts charging towards the unknown with genuine wonder. Gary uses mushrooms as a "motor" for everything else,… Continue

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Mushroom Hunt in Central Park, May 27, 2009

Not expecting to find any mushrooms because it hasn't really rained in 10 days, Caroline, Kate and I walked through a bit of Central Park, between 96th & CPW and the 100th St. Pool. We found a few very old specimens of an Agrocybe, possibly A. dura, just outside the park near 96th & CPW. (We may have found several better specimens of the same mushroom in wood mulch at the base of a giant London Plane tree at the far end of the CP Pool). Just inside the park we found a cluster of about… Continue

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M.O.L.D. is a hot zone-themed wet lab and workshop that investigates the science, politics, and culture of food decomposition. The audience is invited to participate in various experiments and build their own amateur bioindicators to assess food quality and safety. More… Continue

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Recent New Yorker article by Elizabeth Kolbert

The fungi attacking frogs and bats should alert us to the urgent need to understand the unintended consequences of what we are doing in the biosphere.

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John Cage

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NYTimes Fungi, From Killer to Dinner Companion

Kate sent us this today.

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