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Mureau (comes from the word, "music" and "Thoureau")

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Sign up for Gary's Mushroom Mania Class at NYBG

This is where the cool kids will be in September:

[BOT 361] Mushroom Mania


Mushroom Mania

Certificate Elective, Classroom Hours: 12

Labor Day through Halloween is one of the best times to harvest a host of wild mushrooms in our area. Learn how to identify many of these species, how to differentiate edible from poisonous kinds, and where they tend to grow. Survey the great… Continue

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Today was a mushroom day

driving thoughts

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Mushrooms of the Chicago Region

The equivalent of "Wildman Steve Brill" in Chicago - is Nancy Klemm and she is magical.

Some mushrooms the peeps at the Illinois Mycological Society are talking about:

Laetiporus sulphureus

The Sulfur Shelf, named for it's sulfur-yellow pore surface. It's a choice edible some people, but not for all.

Lycoperdon pyriforme

A common site is Kettle Moraine State Park in SE Wisconsin, which isn't quite the Chicago… Continue

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Mushrooms Grow out of Chairs

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Santa Claus was a Mushroom Shaman!?

Yesterday, my friend saw that the chicken of the woods mushroom didn't kill me, so she decided to eat one herself! Now she loves it and wants to find more. Today, she showed me this:

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