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Mycoscaping Workshop: Tuesday May 25th, 6pm

Even if you're an avid gardener - if you are only gardening plants, you're missing out! There is a whole other kingdom to explore - and eat. We can incorporate delicious, nutritious fungi in our veggie gardens, backyards, lawns, landscaping, balconies, and more... In this workshop, we'll explore the basics - and not-so-basics - of mushroom cultivation. We'll learn how to look at mushroom crops through a holistic, permaculture lens, and find the niche in the landscape where they can perform… Continue

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Do-It-Yourself Mushrooms

from the NYTimes, published April 14

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Alison Knowles and more April 17th

Alison Knowles…


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Lightning really does make mushrooms multiply

Japanese farming folklore has it that lightning makes mushrooms multiply, and new research supports the idea. Mushrooms form a staple part of the diet in Japan, and the fungi are in such high demand that around 50,000 tons are imported annually, so scientists have been experimenting with artificial lightning to see if it could increase the crop.

A four-year study carried out at Iwate University in northern Japan on ten species of mushroom (so far) has shown that for eight of the 10… Continue

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We're in Pittsburg for a workshop at CMU

If you're in PA, here's what we're up to:

Monday, April 12th:

4:30-5:30pm Presentation to the School of Drama


9-11am Intensive Workshop I –Theater Lab at Schenley Park Panther Hollow

1:30-4:20pm Intensive Workshop II – EcoArt Class


9:30-12:30 Intensive Workshop III – Park Panther Hollow

7-9pm Communal dinner/ wrap up—Waffle

Shop, East Liberty *ArtPark is located above Panther Hollow, a flat area off of Forbes Ave.… Continue

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Mushroom Foraging in Chinatown with Gary (3/27/2010)

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iLAND symposium: Lecture on Friday at 7pm, Mushroom Walk Saturday at 10am (the mushroom season is starting again)

Please join Strataspore for a movement based lecture at 7pm on Friday and a performative walk through Chinatown on Saturday morning. We'll be hunting for mushrooms in shops and on the street. As Gary Lincoff walks and talks through medicinal and ornamental mushrooms, we will develop a correlation between his words and our movements, making meaning from movements and movements from meaning. If you're interested, please meet at 107 Suffolk (near Rivington) at 10am. We'll be on the move until… Continue

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Anthill Farm Retreat

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Amy Sarabi">For her first and, as yet, only collection, Sarabi was inspired by the gills of a mushroom, which reappear as circular insets along the neckline of her Mushroom Collection garments. What is important for Amy Sarabi are "sequences, which occur often in…


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Using mushrooms pro-actively to re-gain the balance of nature


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Humble:Humus (the soil grounds us)

In John Ayto’s Word Origins, he says that humble literally means “close to the ground,” that humble is a derivative of humus meaning “earth” in Latin. Let's get closer to the ground! Let's hunt for mushrooms and put our eyes and faces and hands as close to the ground as possible! May humus help us risk humiliation and find freedom from pride and arrogance with every mushroom foray.

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SPORE Project


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Using mushrooms to kick-start the housing industry?


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FLUXUS at MOMA, 4th Floor

"This special installation of posters, newspapers, Fluxus editions, films, and photographs celebrates......"

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Using Noah to map the mushrooms in NYC

It takes about 5 minutes to put a photo on the Noah website, plus the collecting data, and locating it on the map provided, and all this with just a digital camera and a Mac. By spring I should have 100 mushrooms located in New York City. If you've got photos of mushrooms in NYC, please add them. Don't worry about identification. Locating them on a map can help us find them again.

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Mushroom Mapping Mission on NOAH

The lovely folks at NOAH have setup a mushroom mapping mission on their mapping website:…


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Watching Fungi Grow

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Mushroom Hunting in Cemeteries

Here's a story about hunting mushrooms in a cemetery in Rochester.

Marie found 45 different mushrooms in the Mount Hope Cemetery.

How many are there in New York City cemeteries?

A project waiting to be done!

Marie Heerkens Yet another project I got involved in last summer!

Friends of Mt. Hope :: Mount Hope Mushrooms…


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Using a slime mold to understand an urban transit system

January 26, 2010


Slime Mold Proves to Be a Brainy Blob


Let’s hear it for slime molds.

Researchers in Japan have shown that a slime mold can design a network that is as efficient as one developed by humans over many years: the Tokyo rail system. Furthermore, the slime mold can build its network in a day.

A slime mold is what scientists refer to as a single-celled amoeboid organism. When foraging for food, it spreads out as an amorphous… Continue

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