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Using mushrooms pro-actively to re-gain the balance of nature


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Using mushrooms to kick-start the housing industry?


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FLUXUS at MOMA, 4th Floor

"This special installation of posters, newspapers, Fluxus editions, films, and photographs celebrates......"

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Using Noah to map the mushrooms in NYC

It takes about 5 minutes to put a photo on the Noah website, plus the collecting data, and locating it on the map provided, and all this with just a digital camera and a Mac. By spring I should have 100 mushrooms located in New York City. If you've got photos of mushrooms in NYC, please add them. Don't worry about identification. Locating them on a map can help us find them again.

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Watching Fungi Grow

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Mushroom Hunting in Cemeteries

Here's a story about hunting mushrooms in a cemetery in Rochester.

Marie found 45 different mushrooms in the Mount Hope Cemetery.

How many are there in New York City cemeteries?

A project waiting to be done!

Marie Heerkens Yet another project I got involved in last summer!

Friends of Mt. Hope :: Mount Hope Mushrooms…


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Using a slime mold to understand an urban transit system

January 26, 2010


Slime Mold Proves to Be a Brainy Blob


Let’s hear it for slime molds.

Researchers in Japan have shown that a slime mold can design a network that is as efficient as one developed by humans over many years: the Tokyo rail system. Furthermore, the slime mold can build its network in a day.

A slime mold is what scientists refer to as a single-celled amoeboid organism. When foraging for food, it spreads out as an amorphous… Continue

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Photo upload difficulty

I tried to upload photos of yesterday's mushroom hunt in Central Park (6/2/09) but a sign came up that said I wasn't a member, whatever that means. However, we did find one nice fruiting of the Wine Cap, Stropharia rugoso-annulata. It was fruiting in fresh wood chip mulch placed about a young horse-chestnut sapling. On the way home I walked past the Alexander Von Humboldt bust at 77th and CPW. On the way I discovered the first catalpa in flower this year and the first ripe Juneberries… Continue

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Mushroom Hunt in Central Park, May 27, 2009

Not expecting to find any mushrooms because it hasn't really rained in 10 days, Caroline, Kate and I walked through a bit of Central Park, between 96th & CPW and the 100th St. Pool. We found a few very old specimens of an Agrocybe, possibly A. dura, just outside the park near 96th & CPW. (We may have found several better specimens of the same mushroom in wood mulch at the base of a giant London Plane tree at the far end of the CP Pool). Just inside the park we found a cluster of about… Continue

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Recent New Yorker article by Elizabeth Kolbert

The fungi attacking frogs and bats should alert us to the urgent need to understand the unintended consequences of what we are doing in the biosphere.

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