"Apparently, we no longer have these problems. Historical science has been constituted against fictionalized history and the historical novel, It was for this purpose that historians of the old school extolled the rigorous inspection of sources and the critisism of documents. It was for this purpose that historians of the new school have studied up on geography, statistics, and demography. Thus the materials of construction in historical study had to be sheltered from the fables of opinion and the twists of hack writers. What remains is that the materials are nothing without the architecture. We know that, in the usual sense of the expression-to know something is not to have to think about it. What we avoid considering is simply this: History is, in the final analysis susceptible to only one type of architecture, always the same one- a series of events happens to such and such a subject....."
From The Names of History, Jaques Ranciere

Today Ken, Jackie, Andrew and I began to rehearse, "Below at the Middle".

Our Agenda was:
To meet in Washington Square Park
We met in front (or south) of the arch.
Rain concepts, structures, agenda discussed.
Walked to "the tree" NW corner
Warm up led by Jackie Dodd
Walk individually through and around the park.
Examine surroundings.
Gather group
Walked to a basketball court
Show and Tell and teach material gathered from Washington Square park at the court.

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