iLAND symposium: Lecture on Friday at 7pm, Mushroom Walk Saturday at 10am (the mushroom season is starting again)

Please join Strataspore for a movement based lecture at 7pm on Friday and a performative walk through Chinatown on Saturday morning. We'll be hunting for mushrooms in shops and on the street. As Gary Lincoff walks and talks through medicinal and ornamental mushrooms, we will develop a correlation between his words and our movements, making meaning from movements and movements from meaning. If you're interested, please meet at 107 Suffolk (near Rivington) at 10am. We'll be on the move until 12:30, when we'll go to 6 E. 16th St 9th Floor for lunch and discussion with iLAND participants.


March 26, 7pm-9pm Keynote Speaker, Collaborative Discussions and Panel

Kellen Auditorium, 2 East 13th Street, NY, NY

March 27

10am- 12:30pm Workshops (107 Suffolk)

1pm-2pm Lunch provided at 6 E. 16th St 9th Floor

2pm-5pm Discussion and wrap up

Fee: Sliding scale $10- $20

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