Mining Washington Square park (digging Below to the Middle)

October 5th was conceptual food event catered and concieved by us. All of us shared a common belief that food is and/or accompanies the potentiality of knowledge and dialogue. We began to make a connection between Oysters of the water and Oysters of the land...

October 6th we merged individuals' experience between the forest and that moment. Kate built and poured a foundation for Gary to build and lose himself while disconnected and connected improvisation came from below, and at the middle Monique, Chris, Cassie, Kensaku, Caroline, and Yuko, "worked" spoke, stood, meditated, and witnessed a span of time with the trees and others.

"Where Art and Politics Mingled
In New York, Chicago, and elsewhere throughout the 1910s, practitioners of the various arts enthusiastically socialized with radical political thinkers. Many of the artists and intellectuals of Greenwich Village were members of the Liberal Club, formed in 1913 by Henrietta Rodman, a New York City schoolteacher who believed in, among other things, sexual freedom for women. The Liberal Club was billed as "A Meeting Place for Those Interested in New Ideas." It also served alcohol and had dancing. Some members of the club wrote one-act plays that the others staged, and this faction of the club evolved into the Washington Square Players (later the Theatre Guild); the group also included some of the future Provincetown Players. Other meetings of minds in the Village took place at the mural-filled apartment of painters William and Marguerite Zorach and at Polly's Restaurant (which was on the ground floor of the building that housed the Liberal Club and was run by an Illinois-born anarchist named Paula Holladay), where the food was cheap and the politics were radical."

I would like to mine and magnify the site-specificity of Washington Square Park and it's mycorrhizal networks "Below".
I am particularly interested in Polly's restaurant. How was this meeting place a platform for collectivity, dialogue, while eating. Was it subtle? What is the scene? What was this anarchist's restaurant ?

Mushrooms seem like the perfect ingredient to start with.....

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