Mycoscaping Workshop: Tuesday May 25th, 6pm

Even if you're an avid gardener - if you are only gardening plants, you're missing out! There is a whole other kingdom to explore - and eat. We can incorporate delicious, nutritious fungi in our veggie gardens, backyards, lawns, landscaping, balconies, and more... In this workshop, we'll explore the basics - and not-so-basics - of mushroom cultivation. We'll learn how to look at mushroom crops through a holistic, permaculture lens, and find the niche in the landscape where they can perform useful ecological functions, even as they produce food and medicine for us. We'll review common and less-common mushroom crops, and different cultivation techniques. We'll get our hands dirty with a hands-on demo. No gardening experience necessary!

Suggested donation: $10

at: The Commons
388 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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