Going Backwards. From June, before the mini-drought at Mildred's Lane, We found the tasty, orangey and yellow chicken on several different logs/stumps. Here is one Monique found at Mike Spittels. Here is about to be chopped up for ravioli filling:

Here are two the kitchen team found for dinner:

(Evan Commander: Mildred's Lane fellow after his second mushroom hunt)

We were about to call it a day, when this was spotted. This chicken was placed into our egg basket.

Heromine Sprig in low bush blueberry patch

The delaware peeks through:

With Megan O'Connell. Megan recently produced, a book of Alison Knowles' bean works. Here she holds a leather collar/ strap found in the woods.

Note our other findings: We dound a trail of small chanterelles, russula, some other gilled-


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